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How to plan Brand Photoshoot on a budget – The Misfit Entrepreneur Ep 08

The best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.

We all know running a business comes with an investment and brand photography seems like another MUST-HAVE to run a personal branding business.

It’s so important for you to have a professionally shot pictures, because that shows your credibility and your authority. And trust me, I have seen a huge difference when you have brand photos. Clients sign up and you get a lot of likes and followers eventually and instantly.

So coming to that, let’s dive right into the topic and this episode is going to be amazing because I just got done with a photo shoot yesterday, and this has been the second one in the year and hopefully one more during the fall and that’s about it, but I’m going to talk about how I plan out my photo shoots and how I do it on a budget.

Tip #1 : Use it around a Launch/Offer

The best part about doing a photo shoot is that you can plan it around your launch and offers. Every time you have a new launch coming up and you’re putting out a new offer, you can put out a new photo with a fresh outfit or a different background, which I will be talking about later on, every time you put out something new, your engagement shoots up like crazy, your following shoots up like crazy and all that is part of the game.

It’s part of the marketing, right? So you want to create excitement all the time, constantly with your audience because. How you can have a book book out launch basically, and what people love are also brand refreshes. So if you are getting a brand photo shoot done, you can also create excitement and have a generate engagement by saying that, you’re branding or rebranding, and you’re going to be launching your new site and also going to pair it with a new offer.

So when you eventually want to have a booked out launch and hopefully this can help you as well, because I know how much of an investment it is as I said earlier. So I’ve had two photo shoots in the span of three months, because this has been my first time around to actually invest in a photography session.

Tip #2 : Finding an intern or doing a trade-in

But I made sure the first thing that I looked out is someone who is like an intern who wants to have a portfolio, that can help them. If not anything you can always ask for a trade in, because I do a lot of trade-ins if they can benefit from my service and if I can benefit from their service, you know, I offer it to them formally.

Trade-ins are good because they help both of you in your businesses. It’s great to experiment a lot at the beginning. I love hiring interns because they have the most radical ideas that can help you with the your ideas.

So, as I said earlier, I had two photo shoots in a span of three months. For the first one, I focused lesser on outfits and more on the props because I wanted to root my culture for my brand and for the second one, I focused more on the outfits because I wanted quantity . So the first thing you got to be doing is set up a Pinterest board.

Tip #3 : Create a Pinterest Moodboard to set a theme

Just create a secret mood board, pin images, which is consistent, and select the type of pictures you want – editorial , raw, grungy, dark, rustic or vibrant, airy etc.

I like it a little bit raw almost as though I shot it myself with the mix of moody with certain specific things. I created a mood board with the vibe in my mind.

For the first photoshoot, I choose aesthetic that was dark and grungy, we got specific with backgrounds like concrete broken building like background & for the second time, I wanted a little more of a fresh white or lighter background side and still keeping the consistency of the photos but you can always edit your photos to make it kind of consistent with the first photo shoot.

So it depends on what you really want finally because you need to plan for more than one photoshoot since you can’t do it all in one. Do you want to focus on the props or do you want to focus on outfits? Because both of them can be very different. It’s really about who you are and what your business is finally about.

You can also set your theme based on your closet and trust me, you will find gold there. And if not, you can always keep the bottoms and just buy three or four new tops so that you can just switch because it’s more important to keep the variety going. And the fourth thing is drive around for free location.

Tip #4 : Drive around for free location or use outside public location

I did this the first time around, we just drove around and took a couple of pictures and then drove around again and then found different locations. So in this, like this way, you can actually have lesser outfits and more backgrounds.

That makes a difference too. You don’t need to always have more outfits for your pictures. Sometimes different locations help. So for the first time first photo shoot, it doesn’t mean that I spent big bucks just because I used more props. I bought fabric and stickers that I could use from amazon.

There’sa lot you can use a fabric for – backgrounds, draping it around or using it itself as a blouse etc. It helps you look different in every picture.

And the second time I actually just printed out all my client work and that alone was my prop. I hardly spent $5 & there were a ton of poses that I did with various outfits that was inspired by my moodboard. We always had the moodboard open during the shoot, so we knew what exactly we were doing.

Tip #5 : Make a shot-list

I think all my photo shoots were literally below $500 and the last thing is make a specific shot-list. This is so important. My photographer asked me to make a shot-list for indoor and outdoor shoot.

It included : How many outfits will you be wearing for each of it, The types of poses – if it’s going to be sitting down? Is it half body? Is it close up? EVerything helps and makes a difference on the day of the shoot.

On the day of the photo shoot, you’re not going to be wasting so much time. All you have to do is check up on the list and match it with your Pinterest mood board. Bring those two up, let it be on your phone at all points of time so that you can just look in case your mind just goes black and trusted.

It does go blank. So don’t expect your brain to remember everything and have everything in order, because sometimes you just want to be given directions rather than doing everything yourself. And finally, you don’t have to worry so much about makeup because if you are not someone who’s good at makeup, then you can always look at YouTube tutorials because that’s what I did.

I just did the right things of, you know, buying my own makeup or hire an intern, who’s ready to just do it and help grow that portfolio. The last and final thing, please get enough amount of sleep the previous day. You want to be well rested and not panic on the day of the photo shoot.

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