Hustling as a Solopreneur - The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 06 - Mahima koteshwar




Hustling as a Solopreneur – The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 06

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.

I feel that this topic is going to be very conflicting and the title of it is also very open as I’m closing to the mark of one year completion in my online business. There’s so much evolvement, in how I work today, every entrepreneur goes through this and I thought, why not speak about me hustling as a solopreneur when I’m just about to make my first hire?

So when I started my business, I was actually living alone, I was working at a full-time job and my business was not making any money at that time, but not making money doesn’t mean that I wasn’t working on my business. I was working on my business, but if I had a little strategy based on a very strong mindset, I could have achieved a lot more in the first six months of my business, but here we are, giving grace and being kind to ourselves because nobody can learn all of it in the first six months of our business.

As an entrepreneur, we need to have the commitment to learn and do better every single day and that’s what is hustling to me. It’s hard work it’s working towards to be the best in your industry or whatever your aim is to be in whatever niche you are in. Being an entrepreneur is just like working towards a sustainable weight loss.

That isn’t a shortcut. You have to be willing to work out every single day if you want to lose weight. The best thing about hustling is that everything works on a trial and error basis of being an entrepreneur. You figure out what works for you and then when it does you just do it a hundred times more and then everything falls into place.

But to get to that a hundred times more, you have to be willing to do it all. At the beginning, it could look like sacrificing a lot like going out with your friends or not being able to go out at all or not being able to watch your favorite show because you are taking the time off to do what can take your business forward and maybe working over 10 or 12 hours at the beginning to just make sure you learn everything and you implement and you execute and you can make your money back with all the investments that you’ve made.

The pressure is definitely real, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything because no matter how hard that looks like at the beginning, the feeling of achievement, doing things your own way and doing it with your time is amazing because I wouldn’t want to do all of this at my nine to five job.

It’s just too much that pressure there, the toxic environment, I would rather work hard and hustle everyday in my own business than someone else’s. So my strategy is going to be on how to create a system. Sustainable strategy without burning away and just making shit work for you right at the beginning.

Tip #1 : Start and Master just one Social Media Platform first

That’s what we are going to be talking about today. So the first thing is just starting with one social media platform. I cannot stress this enough because I know at the beginning you will be like, oh, I need to do this. I need to go on multiple platforms. I need to kind of show up and be everywhere so that people can recognize me.

But no, it’s literally to start off on just one platform because believe it or not, everybody starts off from scratch, but we don’t start it off or at all on the same day, because that’s not sustainable. There are so many platforms out there today, like literally so many.

So depending on what kind of business you have. You literally have to choose one platform. If you’re a service provider, Instagram works the best. If you are a product based business, tiktok definitely works the best. And then there’s platforms like SEO based platform like Pinterest and podcasts. It really depends on what is in your alignment and what you are the best at.

Tip #2 : Be Magnetic as F*ck on the chosen Platform

So choose a platform that you are willing to go for it, to make your stuff work. Tip number two is be magnetic as fuck on the platform that you choose. Figure out every damn thing on that platform and learn to be on it. Like as though it’s a child’s game for you creating posts for making videos.

Whether it’s making stories because today every platform seems to have stories, including LinkedIn. That’s the new feature I just saw, but yeah, just writing, creating content, showing up for it. It should just be so easy for you and when that stops taking time and energy off your plate.

That’s when you know that you are actually okay and in a sustainable place to show up for the second platform and being magnetic is also being seen on that platform, being recognized, getting paid for your expertise, your skill sets, everything. So that’s what being magnetic looks like on the platform that you have chosen.

Tip #3 : Analyze the people in your niche

So make sure you’re able to get clients on a repeat and on a consistent basis. Now tip number three is. As you’re doing all of this keeps seeing what the best in your niche in your industry are doing. How are they spreading themselves on the social media? Because you shouldn’t spread yourself thin, you got to analyze, you got to see how they’re doing it.

It can also help you with your market research and your time spent as you are being an expert on platform. Number one, you can also, well ahead plan how you can show up on platform. Number two, with ease, because without the research, I would strongly advise you not to think of any other platform and you don’t just showing up just like that would make your life and your business really hard to sell.

So for example, Instagram was my longest BASE platform for the longest, longest, longest period of time and it still IS. I didn’t even attempt to show up on any other platform because I knew that without me trying to get my ass consistent on that platform, by getting consistent clients, I wouldn’t be able to shine on the other ones.

It would be so difficult for me to put out content there because being on one platform can help you with market research and that’s what you need. No matter what platform you go to, because you are here trying to solve people’s questions. That’s your business all about. That’s why you are hustling.

So make sure you remind yourself consistently why your business exists. It is to make other people’s lives easier. Also remember this at the beginning of my business. I was literally working day and night, especially when I had a full-time job. I was working during the day for my job. And I used to come back home in the evenings and work on my side hustle until I decided to make my entrepreneurship of full-time job by willing to take risks.

Tip #4 : Dream BIG

And it’s only when I decided to take the risk did I actually start making money with my business? The last thing is dream big. Literally dream, fucking big. Because when you dream fucking big, it’s when you are allowing your brain to come up with these random killer ideas that you can actually take time to process and see if you can make that work because we are ideas.

People love it. People want it, if you have something unique or weird about you, embrace it, see how you can make it work because that’s what will also help you get seen and go wider. Very fast. Without having to work too much. I also see how you can prioritize yourself.When I used to live alone, I used to work for over 10 hours a day.

And that was okay for me, that it was okay for me to not go out with my friends and to literally not have a life. I was completely okay with that. This is why I say that this is very opinionated because you have to see how much you are willing to make it work. But, now my priorities are different because I don’t live alone now because I’m married and I live with my husband.

Right now, it doesn’t necessarily look like over 10 hours a day, but it’s more like eight or nine hours a day which includes my morning time because I have a morning routine and I want to be the best-self when I sit to work so that I can get tasks done very easily, both mine and my client work.

I don’t mind taking time to work on the weekends because my husband is fully supportive with that. However, if you decide to work as a solopreneur, It’s your choice. Don’t let anyone shame you for it nor shame yourself for it. Be okay with it.

I would rather hustle and fucking work my ass off for the first two, three to five years in my business and set up strong businesses, set up strong foundations, so I can enjoy my life to the fullest without any regrets, without scarcity or anything.

You get to make up your own rules with how much time you can work. So hustling as a solopreneur, you have to be strategic and how you are going to be working each of the tasks, especially with a platform like Instagram.

You have so many things that you can do and create on that platform to build your brand and to make money off it, it can be IGTV or going lives, making reels, showing up on stories, creating posts and that’s a lot. So you need to make sure that you’re hustling towards it in a beautiful manner that can bring you joy and results.

If it doesn’t, then switch your platform if it’s overwhelming you and yes, entrepreneurship is all about being overwhelmed too, but it’s just that if it really doesn’t work for you, then see how you can switch the platform for your business and that’s why, don’t listen to anyone else on how you’re supposed to be starting a business, because it should be to your alignment.

It should speak to you, and you should believe that you can make your business happen on this platform and not because someone else is doing it. Remember that you can’t avoid hustling, just because you get overwhelmed for a day or a week, doesn’t mean that you have to hire instantly because believe it or not, you don’t need to make a first hire until you teach your $10K a month or even a $20K/month and that too on a consistent basis.

So don’t listen to somebody who tells you that, you got to make your first hire because you need to first learn to cut profit for yourself. Apart from all the business expenses you have, you shouldn’t live a life where you are meeting paycheck to paycheck, being an entrepreneur.

It’s important to first learn the art of hustling and then learn to be the best boss and the best employee before you make your first hire and start living your dream life first. So with that dream big, be magnetic and have a lovely rest of the day.



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