The Misfit Entrepreneur Ep 02 - Branding 101 - Mahima koteshwar




The Misfit Entrepreneur Ep 02 – Branding 101

Your brand is your energy that you are setting into reality.

This episode is based on what we experienced with the recent rebrand that we had at MK studioSeven and how much that has impacted us with inquiries and clients coming in, being noticed and recognized.

Let me tell you that branding is an ever evolving process and a good branding is years and years of good edits, tweaking and all of that. So basically it all starts with a good foundation.

And if you’ve heard my previous episode, you will know that, you know, I’m an architect. So it’s always easier for me to like reference it with an architecture example. And also this is easy to understand. So imagine a good house, right? Like it needs to have. A good foundation. You’re going to have cracks.

You’re going to have leakages and ever fixing issues with your house. And it will eventually all tumble down. And this holds is good, even for branding. So when it comes to grinding your strategy, Has to be nailed down. And that’s where the brand strategy and the creative direction comes in because once the brand strategy is nailed down and then your logo, your fonts, your colors can always keep evolving.

Tip #1 : Nail your Brand Strategy

So what is a fucking brand strategy?

So basically brand strategy is something that gets your buyers. To make the buying decision. And where does that STEM from? It’s always the feeling it’s always because they want to get to know you better. They want to work with you. So that’s what a brand strategy is supposed to decide for you.

It’s supposed to encompass the feelings and emotions into how that’s going to turn into visuals. So. It’s going to give you a direction with how your brand photo shoot is going to be based on your brand strategy and how your logos and how your fonts and how everything all your campaigns get aligned because of this defined brand strategy.

Don’t take this lightly because once you have the foundation. You can go ahead because you will also end up not look like anyone else. I know the statement is so bloody overrated, but nobody seems to understand it. And hence. nail down your brand strategy.

So make sure whoever designer you’re going to work with, they get you to nail down your brand strategy and get you to move forward with that. Because trust me, you will see a huge difference because there’ll be a ton of people who want to work with you because of who you are and what you can actually help them achieve.

And that’s what a brand strategy does. And the second most important thing when it comes to branding is your brand personality. Now, how is your offer different from the others and how is your brand positioning different from the other brands in the same niche? Is the most important thing. And that’s what gets you, people, the kind of people that you want to work with.

So what I’m basically trying to say is if you are a badass person, your website and your brand needs to show the bad ass-ness, and that has to come in. Through the personality, and this is not just copy, but it’s also the kind of font that you would choose.

Tip #2 : Add+Show your Vibe.

It’s the feeling that emulates the brand. So if you are all about minimal & soft is your branding aesthetic, then your offer, and as your copy, your messaging, all of that, your colors should show and making your audience feel that are they being attracted to “that” because that’s what sells & opens a huge door for you.

Do the kind of people who want to actually work with you based on the personality and the wave lens. Right. And that is also easy, you know, it’s, it makes it so much more easier for you to actually stand out. And because I’ve seen this as a common problem where people struggled to fit in that personality, into the brand to evoke feelings.

If you head down to , you will find a quiz that helps you nail down your brand style, which has logo, color, palette, and visuals based off your personality & Style.

This is a game changer. If you are a DIY entrepreneur, take the quiz and tag me on Instagram with your results as I’d love to see it and based off the quiz, you can go ahead and customize your brand and design your website and Instagram page.

This will help you design your logo not because you found it cute which would end up looking messy. It’s still going to look clean, professional based off the style guide.

Tip #3 : Feeling of your target audience

The third thing is the feeling. So when it comes to feeling, It’s literally not about you, but it’s about your consumers. It’s your target audience. It’s all about them because they are self-obsessed.

They’re constantly thinking about themselves. So you have to like, you know, give them the possibility. Right?

So When I was doing my rebrand, when it came to my website, I was like,

What do I want my target audience to feel?

I want them to not just feel good and have resistible brands, but I want them to feel like they belong,I want them to feel fired up. I want them to feel like they’re ready to turn their fucking shit up and no matter what, who they are, what their races, religion is, you know, anything, gender, whatever it is, they belong and they got this, Or they can get that business off the ground just by looking at my website and just by like, I’m going to take a look around and see what’s going on.

I wanted to emulate that confidence for them that no matter the story is, that it’s possible to be successful, however success looks like for them. You want to be everything your brand defines.

You want to be able to show that in your website. If you’re a DIY entrepreneur, make sure that you are really nailing your strategy or work with a designer who can do that shit for you. I highly suggest you work with a professional who can help you nail your strategy so that you can move on to the fun part.

And then when you do the fun part, Everything was automatically looked different because your branding, your colors, your fonts, your logos, everything will be uniquely you, and you won’t have to worry about anything, marketing, anything like client attraction and all of that, because people will just come to you on their own, and that’s what you need for your business.

So, and just to like let you in on a secret. Okay. At MK studio seven, we have been working on a course with a template for all the DIY or solo entrepreneurs, so that you can get all your shit together and still look like a professional so you can make bank. And that’s the whole scope of what, what we do and what we stand for.

And the templates should be out in say two months from now. So keep your eyes peeled onto the website.

Tip #4 : The vibe is just not in the logo.

So that feeling of belonging being seen, being validated and feeling confident, feeling happy, feeling the joy and feeling successful, all that is going to still be there and yet your logo can look different.

Your fonts can look different. But your target audience’s feeling and your personality, all that is just like a house, like I was talking about earlier, you are always buying things for your house to make it look pretty, to make it look comfortable and all of that.

You’re still buying stuff even after 5 years of moving in or buying it. You’re still making it look pretty. So it’s the same thing with your brand. You’re always going to make it look good. You would want your people coming in and feel good but you would keep making tweaks for better processes, better client systems, better backend stuff for your brand.

And there’s nothing wrong with that because branding is always evolving and that’s why, when people come to me for rebrand, we never have to start from the scratch because we would just be like, okay, if I’ve already worked with them before It’s so much more easier because the strategy’s always in place.

And especially when a client comes to me like saying like, Hey! I’ve already gotten this branding done by you and and now I want a website or a landing page, then It’s so much more easier because it’s like we can put it together all of it .

So if your head is like exploding after listening to this podcast, that’s exactly what I want you to feel right now with all this information because I want you to have the best business. So when you’re choosing a designer for yourself or for your brand, make sure your designer can see this for you from a broad perspective and say how everything can go together.

Tip #5 : Timeless experience no matter the pivots & journey

Your messaging, your copy, and all the visuals together makes a good brand which can be timeless no matter what, no matter the pivots, no matter what you go through in life and what your journey could look like for your business and for your brand, it can still have that timeless experience.

The experience has to be the same. From the time they come into your Instagram page, they click on the link in the bio and they go onto the website. They have to goddamn feel the same.

Emotions has to be heightened 10X when they hop onto your website, they need to experience all of it.

Tip #6 : Think ahead 10 steps

The last thing that I want to say is that, you need to also make sure you are thinking ahead when it comes to your branding or have a designer who thinks ahead of you, because this is exactly what I did with my brand, which has helped me so much.

You can plan your launches with the brand launch and plan the timeline of how everything would look like because it excites the people. You can anticipate more website clicks, more eyes on your page during these planned launches.

Think ahead for a year ahead. That’s going to keep your momentum and you keeping track with your goals and your brand is also going to have that much of an impact with your audience. So it’s always good to take a step back and picture your brand, what direction you’re going etc.

Because I always like to ask this for my clients, like, what are the future offers? What are they coming out with? How do they see their business in the future? In the next two-five years, because that kind of gives them a perspective of how they need to be thinking about that vision for the brand and make sure that if they are thinking about the feeling today, is it going to be the same five years later?

You can also picture through its evolution and think when can you shake some shit up.

Now, if you’re like okay I have so much of shit to do and if your brand is not working, it’s always good to start from ground zero because that’s what makes a best fucking unique brand. And the best fucking unique brand always has the hardest start. And it’s those hardest starts that actually make it worth that right.

That’s what makes you money and I love to help you make more money because money is energy. At the beginning of the episode, there was a quote that I said ” your brand is your energy, that you are setting into reality”, that’s what makes everything happen, because of the dream life that you wanna live.

And what I truly want for you to make money and live your life full of “that” energy so that you can actually truly be happy doing what you want, living your dream life, because that’s all that we are here for, No matter what & how different our dream lives look like, they’re all valid.

They’re all 100% right. Needed and real.



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