The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Ep05 - Marketing your Brand - Mahima koteshwar




The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Ep05 – Marketing your Brand

Marketing is simply sharing your message so it can find and attract the right people and showing them your best self.

We are all about creating communities, helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed is our tagline. So with that today’s topic is marketing your brand. Building your brand / growing your brand all about marketing, we tackle marketing in a very different way. So we don’t offer a cookie cutter strategy nor do we even do a cookie cutter strategy.

So we are not about doing anything three, two, one, because we don’t believe that being desperate for a sale or having clients is going to, you know, Have us a sustainable and successful business. So for me, when I started off, it was like, I didn’t know what to expect or B when it comes to being in the online space.

And I believe in complete authenticity and complete transparency to offer value and having. All of that, what you normally see out there when it comes to marketing, it’s not very conscious and I do want to believe that things are changing now, especially now because people just don’t want to be sold to .

Cold Pitching is not something that’s working anymore. So having said that, you know, sustainable practices really help businesses in the long run. I don’t believe that we have to show up in their desperate energy out of our alignment. I don’t believe that we have to do things that don’t sit well with us.

Tip #1 : Analyze different people in your niche

So the first thing I would want to offer you is that tip one, analyze different people in your niche, how they do their marketing. This is so important studying every person’s business to see how they do it. Literally be obsessed with them. It’s just a matter of studying and being aware because when you don’t know what is out there, how can you expect to find your own strategy, right? Because the solution of this podcast episode is for you to be able to find a strategy that works for you in your business, that will literally have people coming to you. So I, when I started out my business, I literally observed people’s behaviour from people starting out to all the way till the person who’s actually making seven figures in their business. It’s important to see the stages of marketing that is actually that in your niche. So you might be wondering like, Why the hell is this important?

Let me tell you with every stage that your business is at, you are going to be different. You will be evolving. Your business is going to be evolving and you would want something that is more sustainable because let’s just say you get three clients, the moment you started off your business, there is no guarantee that you’re going to have three clients coming to you consistently, just because that one strategy worked, which was a cookie cutter strategy.

So when I started to analyze sometimes not necessarily competitors,just everybody to see how they all do it because some marketing strategy of theirs might sit with you. For example, the way they are showing up online, in terms of Instagram stories, you might not like it, but you might like someone else’s and just because they do it aesthetically well.

Think : How are they presenting them themselves? What is their mindset at the moment? It’ll help you answer all these questions, which are so fucking important because at the end of the day, your mindset should be that of a seven figure entrepreneur. Even if you’re not making any money right now, or even if you’re making some money or how ever your business looks like at the moment.

You have to believe that you already have enough. With that mindset, go and see and analyze every body, the way they’re doing that marketing strategy, find your unique self as you are analyzing the people in your industry. Now, as you’re analyzing your people in the industry, especially with the ones that you are looking up to, you may have observed that they have a certain thing that attracts you to them and this is why you love their strategies, or you love the way they do their business. Think : “how can I use a certain thing that they do?”

For example, it may be the style of coaching or the way they do marketing or the way they do the content writing or the way they show up on Instagram.

Tip #2 : Find your Unique self with the method below

How can you take it and put a twist on it in your own style and that’s what makes your business glow and grow. There are a lot of ways today that you can actually find more about yourself and do a lot of inner work that can help you in your business. For example: there is shadow work, human design, life coach school methodology of thought work, and that are tarot card readings, Brand archetype quiz, Enneagram tests etc.

There are a wide variety of things that you can find new things that you can implement in your business that makes it you, because that’s what people buy. When you are building a brand, you need to remember that people are not buying what you’re offering, they’re buying because they love you.

People just want more of you. They just want to listen to more of you. How cool is that? Personally, I started off with the thought work model by Brooke Castillo and she runs the life coach school. You can always check it up, but then I was also taking part in the enneagram tests, brand archetype, but somehow for me, that didn’t work and I felt getting into human design was better off because I realized in a lot of ways I was a little more attracted to it as a projector. So, you know, as a generator method of marketing strategy, wasn’t really working for me because my human design was very different.

You can find your human design, but like online on Google, you can just type in human design test, and you get a website, the best website for you to find out as You can find out your human design and dive deep into all the details that you need to know about yourself that can help you with the way you run your business.

Your brand voice, the aesthetics, the feelings, your campaigns, your social media, you know, launches your offers. All of that is going to be a brand. So it’s not just your logo. Don’t try to get all the 10 things that’s different about you kind of squeezing it in your logo, cause that’s not going to work.

Tip #3 : Write 10 things that’s different about you

Believe it or not, your logo is supposed to be the simplest thing of your brand. Trust me, number three, write 10 things that’s different about you. So, from the 10 things, you can divide your personalities into like two categories: One is the brand aesthetics one is the brand voice. So as you know, Instagram is a visual platform.

So you can divide it into things like GIFY as your video content. And your brand voice can be like the copy, the content and the captions, because all of this is what makes the brand. So when it comes to your copy, like for example, there can be like few things that’s happened in your life that’s made you so weird.

Like for me, for example, I’ve always felt like I don’t belong in a certain place. So with that came the word misfit, because I always felt like. I was a misfit kid. I was a misfit in my bachelors. I was a misfit in my Masters. I felt like a misfit in my own country when I was growing up.

You know, I think a lot of people feel this. That’s when I knew I had to create a space for like minded-women for this. It’s important to find people who don’t align with the natural things that’s been told and you rebel.

I want to attract the rebels. It’s just the way you do things differently. You can actually quantum leap in your business. You can create things that. So different from the others. And when that is seen on your Instagram profile or your website, nobody can just go past it without giving you a follow or without finding more about you.

This is how, for me, it became so important for me to have my visual game on my Instagram, really up the notch. I’m trying to do better every day. All of the tips that I said is just a place for you to stop and look around.

Let me tell you that you’re going to find new things about yourself every single day and you might want to just embrace all of it. That’s how your brand keeps evolving and growing. That’s how you build your brand because you start with one thing and then you keep growing from there with all these four tips.

Tip #4 : Finding your Marketing Strategy

Let’s come to the last step, which is your marketing strategy can be yours alone. And how do you find yours? And this is where I’m going to be talking about my strategy. So I don’t believe in showing up, you know, whether it’s five to seven Insta stories or anything like that. I don’t want to follow the rules. I don’t like it.

Just because there is something called algorithm doesn’t mean that if you don’t follow it, things are going to go bad. No, you just have to work around it . Find a way to work around things because your energy and your peace of mind is so much more important than running a business that is ruled by a certain algorithm.

So what does that mean? It just means that you need to create a content that is so good that people are waiting for you to put something out so that they can binge listen or binge watch it.

Lastly, work with social media platforms that you align with the most. You don’t have to be on a social media platform just for the sake of it.

I know so many entrepreneurs who don’t even have a profile on Instagram, and yet they have a multiple six-figure or seven-figure businesses. So with that, my friends be, you. Show your uniqueness and raise your weirdness and go quantum leap your business. If you are looking for resources to help you quantum leap your businesses, then feel free to check out our resource Page or DM me to let me know if this podcast was very helpful for you, because I love receiving messages like this.



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