The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast- Ep 01 How to get shit done - Mahima koteshwar




The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast- Ep 01 How to get shit done

This first episode explains how I got started in entrepreneurship being a misfit + tips and tricks on how to start your own business or idea.

“The things that you are passionate about are not random to, they are your calling.”

This is Mahima, the founder of MK-StudioSeven and the host of the misfit entrepreneurial podcast. Let me tell you, I love the name of this podcast because this, the name itself required some soul searching and all of this happened kind of, you know, sat together when we just rebranded and came out and launched.

And I was like, You know, we are here for misfits and I only want to like speak to them.I think most of us feel like we are misfits, but you know, like,

I want this podcast to be your best friend – Every time you need, an inspiration or, you know, you need to kind of come out of the box and just kind of make shit happen.

And that’s why the episode is also called how to make shit happen.The whole idea behind this podcast is to keep it raw, real and simple because we all have a hardships and our stories, but our business doesn’t have to be hard. Doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be simple. I’m not going to be giving you cookie cutter strategies over here, and we are all going to be doing that, but I’m going to be completely honest, completely real as how I have made it happen.

Towards scaling and how I have scaled the business and all the hardships and all the runners that come with it. So as you can tell, starting a business, getting paid it’s. Not easy. There is a lot of inner work. There’s a lot of mindset work. There’s a lot of self work that has to be put as you’re going forward with your business with every step of the way, no matter what platform you are on.

So a little about myself and how I came into the space and you know how the whole birth of the misfit entrepreneur podcast and my. Branding and web design studio, MK studio seven happen. I’m going to just like summarize it up so we can actually continue to talk about everything else later on and how to actually make it work.

So a little about myself is that I grew up in India and it’s mostly my mom. It’s because of my mom, that I am, who I am today in terms of creativity and as a business, I guess it came from my father because he’s an entrepreneur himself.

I was a kid with ADHD and nobody got me tested and I kind of did grew up with it.

So a little before that is that I was a kid who with immense artistic or creative side while growing up, I guess it was mainly because of ADHD. And, you know, I was a heavily distracted kid and I needed help, but kind of nobody understood what I was going through. And, you know, like if you went through this as a kid, I’m pretty sure you can relate to this because like, Nobody, none of my classmates, like they thought I was normal and I kind of grew up thinking like I didn’t belong anywhere.

I didn’t fit into the normal society standards. No friend stuck with me all the while growing up until I was in my 12th. That’s when I met friends who actually decided to stick with me because we were kind of similar and we had like the same problems, long story short.

I didn’t have many friends before I left India to do my masters to move to Germany. So I moved to Germany when I was about 20 and I came here to pursue masters of architecture because that’s all I knew I had to do and it was also funny because when I decided to go ahead with architecture for my bachelor’s.

I didn’t know what architecture was. So I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was that, we get to like design houses and we are like on the most creative side and I wanted to like major in English and literature, but it wasn’t a good thing because it wasn’t. You know, I don’t know people in India, they take being an engineer or being a doctor and more seriously than, you know, someone being on the more artistic and creative side.

And they don’t think that it’s a profession. So. And that’s one reason why I was given a green signal to pursue architecture because they were like, okay, it’s kind of close to science and you’d be like building houses, but literally architecture is seen as one of the cool things. But honestly, there’s nothing cool about it.

Let me tell you it’s still the same nine to five shit and people who are in architecture. I have to say most of them. They are very egoistic and very self centered and literally one of the reasons that I decided to quit the profession and come towards the online entrepreneurship space to do branding design and web design.

And I literally couldn’t stand it. That was one thing. And second thing. I was a kid who literally had confidence issues, self-worth issues. And I had low self-esteem and people were mean to me, even when I came for my masters there, I felt like I literally didn’t belong. And you can guess why this whole misfit entrepreneurship kind of started for me, because even when you come into the online space, you still have like, okay, if you don’t do this, Then you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur.

And if you don’t follow the strategy, then you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. And honestly, speaking. There’s shit changing. Everything’s changing. You are supposed to be breaking the rules. And if you don’t break the rules, when you are an entrepreneur, then what was the point of even being in a night like quitting nine to five?

Like it’s the same thing you’re supposed to follow rules there. And one, one reason why I couldn’t stick to. Being in a corporate job and go to an office like, you know, clock in and clock out at and from nine to five was literally because of this, you have to be systematic and you have to follow procedures, rules, and laws and regulations and everything.

#Tip 1 : Break Rules.

So what happens if you break rules?

Literally nothing happens because that’s the most beautiful thing about life is when you break rules and when you start finding and piecing yourself together and, you know, That’s a medical that’s. Everything that you need is your cells. I’m your mind, your brain, your soul, your energy that literally tells you this is how you’re supposed to do it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everything is completely valid, a hundred percent. So I literally spent seven years. Studying architecture. And then I started to work in an office and I literally quit two years later. So all through my life, I never had that much of a money while growing up. I don’t mistake me.

My parents are like, well to do, but then, like, I, I’m not, like I’ve always had that self-esteem while growing up because all my friends were kind of better off me and they kind of even started to make money before me. But then, because I chose education, I felt like I was literally not going anywhere and once I finished my studies and I got into a job.

Oh, I can’t even tell you what kind of a sick kind of a pay they give in architecture like don’t even get me started on that they literally, so I was earning $1,800 a month and it was so bad. So even here, like I just thought like, you know, that has to be something out there that I can be part of, or even do something in my life because I literally felt like I was wasting away my life doing something that.

Honestly, if this resonates with you, you have that like it’s all a hundred percent. I feel you, I hear you. So initially when I started my job, I was obviously ecstatic because I thought this was all that I had been dreaming that I need to be doing in my life.

But then, I literally saw the reality of like, the job was nothing. Like what I had imagined it to be. It was horrible. Like my boss literally was making me work overtime, paying very little money and there was like, no satisfaction of job, no creative outlets, nothing. And I’m always realized that I’m not the one to just sit around and wait for things to happen.

#Tip 2 : Use your time wisely. Learn free shit.

So when I was in the corporate job, I started researching things and people and I think the first person I found was Jenna Kutcher. I started listening to her podcast and one thing led to the other and I came across coaching industry and and I found my coach Dielle Charon through podcasts and that was the only thing that I could do because as I was working on building plans or whatever it was.

All I could do was just listen to podcasts and see what I could learn new so I could start something and at that point of time, I had no idea that I would be a branding and web designer. It’s so crazy because when I started working with her, she like, you know, my coach was like, “Oh, you know what, you’re good at this, You seem to be a very creative person. So why don’t you like start branding and people’s website design because that people need that in their business. You can help them form a foundation decided to niche down to that, I had no idea where to start, how to do it.

I didn’t even know if I could do it because there was a system and process even for that and finding clients and all of that kind of can be so overwhelming because as a solopreneur because you have to do everything yourself like marketing, writing content, having a creative direction and doing all the photo shoot etc.

For the longest time, I kept thinking that all I need to be learning are new strategies to implement in my business. And it was literally only four months ago did I actually put a full stop to investing in just courses that could help me with strategies and things like that because you know how Instagram can be, but I just decided to like, take it slow.

#Tip 3 : Just Start & Take bold decisions.

Those were the times, the hardest times that you can actually come up with like such a brilliant plan, because that’s when you can think, okay, what is it that my business needs? How can I make it the best for my clients? How can I solve it? Like serve them in the most beautiful way.

And when you ask yourself this. That’s where you realize you actually need to put your target audience first, you need to put your consumers first and think, okay, where are they? What do I want to do? And how do I want to do it? Because they are present on this particular platform. And if you think that, okay, I can actually broaden out now.

How can you broaden out in the most strategic way? And before we talk about broadening, let’s talk about just sticking to one platform for me. I started out with Instagram and I know many people start with other platforms, be badass being first, you know, being on Pinterest and I actually think that’s so beautiful because you are actually putting yourself first on an SEO based platform where you can be recognized or seen in a much more efficient way.

However, you need to keep it and keep in your mind that being on Instagram, even though it’s not SEO based platform is still a good thing, because that can be our base. But. Never put all your eggs in one basket because it can fall and then you’re not going to have any, any egg. And that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

So before I talk about the present time, let me actually walk you through how I started my journey and how this can also maybe help you in the, in any way possible, or at least help you with your confidence or anything like that. Because that’s my aim for this. Podcasts. Like I want anybody listening to this to be inspired, to be confident, to make your own rules and make your own decisions for your business.

Literally, no one can tell you what to do, not even me, but I can only tell you how I started and what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. And maybe you can just take. Okay, this is how it is. This is she skipped everything out there. Maybe I can just take this or maybe I can just take that or maybe everything would work for you.

I don’t know, but don’t let anyone decide for you. So I started my business in 2020 in July. Actually in March, but then I never got paid until July, but I started being present on Instagram from the March of 2020. And I started, yeah. Focusing on giving a lot of value and a lot of free shit. And even now I I’m willing to give all the free shit and it’s not like you have to stop at any point of time, but.

You got to like warm up your consumers, kind of connect with your target audience before you start selling anything. So I was like, okay, you know what? I’m going to keep, um, working on my skillset on the side and try to be the best designer out there. Work on what my target audience actually need with when it comes to branding or when it comes to web design.

#Tip 4 : Keep Experimenting.

So I’m going to learn everything that I can, and I started working on it, right. Like I started making templates and mock ups and, you know, like mock logos and seeing like, okay, how does all of this come together? How does this work with the brand? How can I help my target audience with Brian’s strategy and all of that.

So, as I was doing that, I also started like, thinking like, okay, what kind of content can I put for them? And, you know, did a hell of a lot of market research. And that’s basically how I started off. So I did this for about like three, four months under like the end of me. And it was only in June did I actually started putting together my offer out.

You know, kind of told like, Hey, this is what I do. And if you want to like book, this is how you can book. And of course, it’s not like, just because you start announcing, uh, people are going to come to you. It did take time. I did a lot of free shit before that. And that’s what it takes for you to like start out from zero.

The first year of your business is always uncomfortable. Just because you are starting a business doesn’t mean that you’re going to hit six figures in the first year and whoever is screaming that is full of shit. I kid you not because they don’t talk about all the hardships that actually happens and the things you need to go through.

And I’m being very Frank the very first. Ordered off mine. Like I, my first branding service, I did it for $500 and it was like, you know, I threw a bunch of logos and ups and I was like, you know what? This is the best thing that can happen to me because I finally, I had the evidence that, you know, I could get paid by showing up online and by actually making things like connecting with my target audience.

So just keep. The first year, you just have to focus on how you can keep bettering your experience with your clients and how you can serve them in the best way. How can you improve your work and how can you be the best, whatever you do, if you are the best designer, like, okay, if you are a designer, how can you be the best designer?

If you’re a coach, how can you be the best coach? If you are any service provider? How can you be the best in whatever it is so you can connect with your target audience and you can have a good successful business because of client referrals and client retentions. And I kid you not, it’s going to take off and people will come to you.

People will notice you if you work hard. And that’s what it takes during the first year, all the hard work and. A lot of mindset work, a lot of inner work because you are going to be conflicted throughout. And this has happened to me today. I’m going to be like, yeah, I’m full of energy. And you know, I’m going to show up in my best possible way, give them all the value possible.

But then the second day you’re going to be like, what am I doing? Is this even working? Am I doing things correctly? But that’s the thing. There’s nothing called. There’s nothing called doing things correctly. You just have to keep going. You just have to keep pushing. If, if this thing didn’t work for you, then you know, that thing doesn’t work for you, but you have to, if you don’t try it, you will never know if it’s working for you or not.

So that’s why I don’t listen to someone saying this is how you’re supposed to be selling online, or this is how you’re supposed to be launching. You are supposed to fail in your launches. You’re supposed to fail in selling. Nothing is going. Everything is not supposed to happen in the best possible way all the time.

#Tip 5 : When things get hard, don’t give up.

And I’m not saying that it will not, but there will come a point where in your business, things will happen. Smoothly. Things will happen in the best way, but to reach that best way, you test a lot of trial and error shit that happens before that. My first six months in my business. I struggled to be part of things.

I struggled to kind of be seen, be of knowledge and all of that. And I’m not saying that I’m perfect right now because no, there’s so much more for me to do. There’s so much more work for me to actually make sure it happen. There’s so much, there’s so much of the things that I have to learn. And especially now when I’m scaling my business, I am literally trying to get every possible knowledge on how it looks like to hire.

Because I know things are not going to be all fancy and wine and roses in this road, but how can I still make the best where every, everything that happens in your business, in your entrepreneurship, every time you have a downfall. How can you make it work for you? When you have a hard time, don’t sit and wait for things to happen.

They’re not going to come running to you just because you’re having a hard time. Every time you are going through something and you have a slow month, or, you know, if you feel like things are not just working for you, and if you are frustrated, like why is this happening to me? Just think, what can you fix at that point of time at the back end in your business, like off your business, how can you make it work and what can you possibly take? Um, what can you possibly learn out of this? And basically this is just the universe kind of trying to show you that, Hey, this is your time. This is your chance.

Don’t fix shit at the back end, work on what your clients need. Work on how you can make your business impact better when actually people start coming to you again, that’s the way I have started to roll about things. Every time, things like this happen to me, the next key lesson as an entrepreneur is that.

Note that you don’t have to buy the next best thing that you see on the online space, because you think it’s going to help you. If you need help with systems, with learning with skillset, anything that you have to master Google has it. Google is literally your best friend. There’s everything that need is out there on internet.

You can find shit on YouTube. You can find shit on Google. If you need any help with with any of the systems or, you know, just learning your skills itself, you don’t have to buy and waste your resources. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I’m just saying that. You can be self-sufficient and make stuff by yourself because that’s a good way to learn things on your own before you actually rely on someone else being self-sufficient and being your own expert in everything matters.

#Tip 6 : Trust the process.

And even if it takes time, it’s still okay, because give yourself some grace and be kind to yourself because. When you finally make it happen, you are going to be so proud of yourself because you can literally be the master of that particular system out of that particular thing. And who knows you might actually enjoy doing it.

And you might never want to outsource that effort even when your business takes off and until like the longest period of time. So just remember this, because this is going to help you and. The longest way possible. The last thing that I want to talk about is your mindset work. And literally I regret not doing this at the starting and the beginning of my business, because I know how important this is.

And it’s so easy. It’s just basically. Putting your thoughts on a book and just kind of going over, like, okay, how do you feel today? And what are your emotions and how can you navigate that in the best possible way so that you can still be productive and, you know, and still being kind to yourself, showing love to yourself, all of that.

Despite your feeling alone are despite you feeling like, you know, you need to do more or despite feeling fear, despite feeling not confident, how can you just make everything still work in spite of all of that? So, For me, I like to do it at the beginning, like, you know, at the start of my day, because I can feel that my productivity is just in the best way for the rest of the day, but you don’t have to do the same way.

You can still either you can still do it before you sleep or, you know, at the noon or anytime you think that. You know, you want to like, just brain dump all your thoughts, but it really helps. I have like this whole morning routine that I do. And I literally start my day only at like 10, 11. I take all my calls only post 10 or 11, because I really want to do my morning mindset work and all of that.

I’m, don’t take this for granted. Don’t take this for granted and this is what literally helps you grow and you can make sure it happen. Just with this and I kid you not ideally don’t kill you. And the last, last, last thing is that don’t take things personally when things don’t work your way, because it’s not going to help you.

And I learned it the hard way too. And honestly it takes time for you to detach yourselves because you know how much you love. What you do and you put your heart out there and sometimes, you know, if the payments don’t work or, you know, if the client thing, you know, they said yes, and now they say no, and things like that.

It’s. It happens to everybody. Let me just tell you that it happens to everybody, but it’s just that, how can you just move on from that and go to the next client or, you know, find yourself the next one. You just have to keep moving forward because the more time that you just sit with this, it’s going to like affect you more and you’re not going to be productive.

#Tip 7 : Don’t take things personally.

So just don’t take things personally. I’m don’t have like, Don’t be emotional about things at the, like within your business. If they sign with you, they sign with you. If they don’t, they don’t, you know what I mean? You just have to keep trying and you just have to keep going. So with this, my friends, I leave you with just a question.

Keep thinking. What fits you the best? What aligns with you the best with anything that you are going after? So I hope you get the confidence and you get the courage to actually do what you want to do and what you aspire to be, whoever you aspire to be and whatever your dream to be. So continue to be magnetic.

Fuck. And if you have already started, I hope this gives you confidence in whatever you want to do next.


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