The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Ep04 - Confidence and going all in - Mahima koteshwar




The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast Ep04 – Confidence and going all in

Imagine if you invested the same energy that you use to doubt yourself, to actually believe in who you are and all that you can do. Imagine the best case scenarios. Your mind can be trained and guided to be optimistic and a believer.

What does it look like to actually embody, to be starting a business, to have a business and to continuously keep inspiring and motivating, not just others as a new target audience or your consumers, but also yourself because being an entrepreneur. You just have to keep working on your mindset and keep training your brain all the bloody time.

And that’s the hard work about being an entrepreneur. There’s confidence, there’s resilience, and so much of mindset work that you have to keep doing on yourself on a day-to-day basis. Probably every minute of the day, probably every hour of the day. So today I was thinking about how actually I wasn’t a confident person at all.

When I started my business and the method that I have developed over a period of time to actually embody confidence and to be who I am today. There are many methods to go about this and me being an introvert. This is one of the things that I work on to just show up on social media and to be in connection with beautiful, beautiful, amazing people.

What I do, the steps that I did to actually embody this is to have resilience because you need to keep going, no matter how many downfalls you have in your journey no matter what journey you are on, even if you’re starting out in your business.

Usually entrepreneurs always have it bad when they are starting out. Not everybody has a great life or a great money story or self-confidence, self-esteem all of that while starting out. Nobody has it and one such thing was definitely mine. I never had many friends to begin with. And ever since I was a kid, I had such a bad self-esteem issues because I was picked on all the time.

I have always been pointed out finger telling me I’m doing a wrong thing. That was it, I was different, I was a weird kid. Nobody appreciated me. That whole factor of validation needing is what I had to overcome as an entrepreneur.

Tip #1 : Remove the need for validation.

Instead think, how can you validate yourself? How can you tell yourself that, this is the exact thing that I just need to just go all in. It’s all about decisions. When I started my business, I was scared. Scared about not being liked online.

So what’s going to be different. So when it comes to entrepreneurship, you have to be your best fucking friend. Nobody can do it for you. No matter how many coaches you hire, no matter how many strategists. You hire for yourself to help you in your business. You have to be your best friend. You have to love yourself.

You have to love everything that you are going to be doing, and the way you are exactly at your current scenario. So with that, you can hold compassion to yourself for yourself and then let yourself move forward. You have to be kind on your kind and you have to show yourself that compassion.

And when you do that, the amount of growth and success that you are going to see for yourself and in your business will happen in a very short amount of time (however that looks like for you). You are going to bloom into the most beautiful flower, no matter how unique you are, you are going to bloom in your own way. And that’s the most beautiful thing about entrepreneurship.

The more work you do on yourself. The more beautiful and bigger, you actually keep blooming. You can choose the direction you want to bloom and the way you want to bloom and you don’t need to hire anybody for that.

You can just keep working on that specific thing. And of course, what I mean is like you can obviously hire a therapist or someone who actually help you with this specific thing so that you can bloom your own way.

Tip #2 : Do it scared.

No matter how scared you are, why don’t you just do it anyway? Here’s what I mean. I am always scared. Even to start with this particular podcast, even to record this episode, even to have my whole rebranding and to come out the way I came out, It scares me.

I’m scared every time I have to post on Instagram but what if you felt scared and did it anyway, what’s the worst thing that can happen when you do it? So for example, I’m launching this podcast and I’m recording these episodes. My thoughts were like, what if nobody listens to it? What if nobody likes it? Who cares you are doing it for yourself first and then to help people who go through the exact same thing.

Even if there’s that one person who’s going to like your post and if there’s that one person who’s going to listen to this episode, I want this fucking episode to make an impact on that person. I want this person to actually succeed in that business.

That’s my model. That’s my aim. So every time you feel, why don’t you think like what the what’s the worst that could happen and trust me at that point of time, you are going to be so fucking courageous and you’re just going to do it anyway. And that’s what you need for your business to just keep going.

Tip #3 : Believe in yourself

Next, believe in yourself, believe in yourself so much that when people actually see you, hear you about everything that you are doing, they will believe in you because you believe in yourself and when you believe in yourself, it also shows that you’re believing in everything that you do, your mission, your aim, the fact that you want to help people, the fact that you want to make a difference, all of that believe in your skills, believe in your mindset.

Believe in everything, your speech, all of it. I’m here for this. I mean that. If you can write a bunch of affirmations down about yourself and write 10 things that you love about yourself every single day. Trust me. At the end of 30 days, you’re going to see a new you, because you are going to be so strong about your belief that people just automatically come to you.

They just want what you are doing. They want to pay you. They want to be your clients. They want to work with you and you need to show that, we come to the next tip, that is to focus on your expansion.

Tip #4 : Focus on your expansion

You have to feel the excitement with everything that you are doing by excitement I mean that if you want to invest in something that’s so expensive and you don’t have the money to do it right now, What if you could think about the end game of it, like, just imagine if you have invested and it has cost you so much money and let’s say it costs you $2,000.

How about, do you think that, oh my God, I invested in this. This is the amount of energy and time that I have saved for myself. I can’t wait for this to bring the results in my business because I know that this is going to make 10 times the money. So this is how I think about every counted + wise investment I make or a client makes in my business.

For example, I always insist that grinding and web design should be professionally done for everybody who’s entering the business industry because that is something that will not only help you have authority in your business, but you are going to make 10 times the money, 10 times faster because clients can check out who you are, what your creativity is, what your niche is because I do that. I never make a buying decision before stalking the crap out of them. All your client testimonials everything in your unique voice and your unique expertise.

And even though branding and web design comes with the fucking highest investment. This has proven that it’s magic and that is the level of professionalism that it not only talks about you and shows how much you believe in yourself and I’m sure it’s how much effort you are willing to make and show in your business.

Right? And then the clients would be like, oh my God, this person is amazing because she, or he has put in so much effort in that business and I know that this person can help me in my business. So whatever your niche is, whether it’s marketing, whether you’re in any other service-based industry, it doesn’t matter.

You need to put more effort in your business and your clients need to see that highest effort put by you. That level of investment when they know that you are putting that kind of investment in your business, they will invest in you and you will have the confidence to increase your prices. You will have the confidence to make new, bold decisions, your new board and marketing campaigns that will, you know, be unleashed into the face of this world.

How cool does that feel? And finally, when you keep getting all these, you will keep moving with it and you will keep moving at such a fast pace that fear is just going to become a residue and you are going to continue taking over with excitement and with all the other emotions I’m want to stop letting feel have control in your brain. Trust me, you are going to go places.

I know that this is going to give you so much of courage when you do actually fail, because you’re not going to be scared of failure anymore, because you will be like, okay, you know what? I can take this. Even if I fail, I it’s. Okay. Because I’m going to learn from it. I’m going to analyze my mistakes and then I’m going to move with it.

Bonus Tip : Start Journaling

So with this, I hope you have the confidence to go all in, in your business and execute whatever ideas that’s coming into, your beautiful, beautiful brain. Don’t stop because you don’t want to regret anything in your life. You just want to keep going. I have a bonus tip for you. Make sure you get into the practice of journaling, getting into the practice of dumping your thoughts in a book with a band every morning or every night before you sleep.

This is going to change everything for you. A lot of perspectives. I’m telling times when you’re writing, you just get into the flow and you never know, you just come across another beautiful idea and you feel all these emotions and write affirmations that can help you take away feel and write what’s the worst that could happen.



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